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Patches of Positivity – print and stitch workshops

9th, 16th & 23rd October

Book on or drop in and join in (limited places)

Patches of Positivity- From my heart to yours

Print a patch, embroider a patch or bring an item to mend and sew a patch onto.

This project aims to spread positive messages using the medium of printed patches. In contrast to the fashion trend of wearing labelled clothing these patches are designed to both mend items and keep them out of landfill undoing some of the damage of fast fashion, and to send messages of hope and support to people who need them. 

Get involved in printing a patch at one of our workshops, or apply for a kit and create your own submissions at home to send in. Patches will be added to clothing either to repair, or as secret messages hidden inside waistbands and pockets, during our workshops. All items created during the project, including during schools workshops will be exhibited at The Bureau Centre for the Arts from Saturday 23rd October to Saturday 6th November and then distributed to people in need. 

Clothing can be donated to the project – please contact The Bureau