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Woke Denim: Style, Protest & Self-Expression – from MLK to BLM – watch online

For BTB21 Creative Lancashire collaborated with Amber Butchart to present a series of Conversations in Creativity talks to further explore the themes responded to by artists & makers contributing to the British Textile Biennial programme.

This extended round table event explores how denim and style more broadly features prominently in cultural and political movements for change throughout the twentieth century to the current.

The session takes inspiration from the work of Tiwirayi Ndoro who was commissioned by Creative Lancashire and British Textile Biennial to create a conscious photo series tracing the relevance of denim and style as a means of self-expression and protest – from black civil rights movement of the 60’s to current day activism and Black Lives Matter. Tiwi co-chairs the discussion which will explore these themes from a Gen Z perspective.

“The project draws focus on young people, a generation of activists who refuse to say yes to injustice but demand to be heard not just in towns and cities but on a global scale”

Banner Image: Woke Denim Project © Tiwirayi Ndoro