Workshops and Events

Workshops at The Bureau

Dates: Sunday 6th October & Sunday 3rd November

Venue: The Bureau, Blackburn

Full details: See for full events programme and details

Politics of Pockets – Sunday 6th October

Women’s clothing rarely has pockets fitted and the ones that are there are often for design and not use.

The history of the woman’s pocket is surprisingly political and has come to signify the freedom and independence that women throughout history have fought to gain. Pockets Rock – join the Bureau for a full weekend of pocket based activities going on – for everyone!


Bags of Protest – Sunday 3rd November

Bags have been used as decoration and fashion statements as well as practical tools for carrying things, but these days it seems every tote bag also carries a message, whether it is an advert for the shop you bought it from or a political statement. Explore a range of ways to make a statement with your bag with us this weekend, from upcycling to making an art bag and wear your heart on your…bag!


Clothes Swap – 1st Nov – 6.30-9pm

Bring 1-10 clean, undamaged items of men’s or ladies clothing, including plus sizes, to take part.