Accessibility and Inclusion

Accessibility and Inclusion

British Textile Biennial is committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs, age, or disability is always treated with equal respect.  We aim to nurture an environment which accommodates, includes, and celebrates diverse voices.

We believe that the arts are for everyone and that equality, diversity and inclusion help to support creativity. We are committed to community engagement and encouraging wider access and participation in our work. 

We aim to support all visitors during their visit/s to the festival and to reduce and remove barriers to projects and events, both physical and perceptual wherever possible.

To do this 

  • We seek to understand and respond to the diversity of our communities to produce and promote a programme of relevant and ambitious work of the highest quality.
  • We create accessible exhibitions and events wherever possible within the resources of the festival and work hard to ensure our venues are as accessible as they can be.
  • We are committed to increase the diversity of the workforce and volunteer teams from communities in the area and undertake ongoing awareness training with current employees and volunteers.

Please talk to us if you have queries or require any assistance in advance of your visit by emailing uzma@superslowway.org.uk