Homegrown/Homespun Planting Day 2022

Posted: 6th April 2022

On Saturday the 16th of April we will officially begin our Homegrown/Homespun 2022 programme.

Do you want to support the creation of new green spaces, meet people who share your passion for sustainability and, learn traditional skills?

If so, why not join us in a ground-breaking sustainable fashion project, happening in Blackburn, where we become the first town in modern times to grow its own clothes!

Over Spring and Summer 2021 we turned unused land in the town into a field of flax and woad. The flax was then harvested, spun into thread and woven live during last year’s @britishtextilebiennial to create the first Homegrown/Homespun fabric.

This year we have three fields to plant and tend, and we’re looking for people to help us with the whole process, from sowing the seeds during the spring to harvesting our flax and woad in the autumn. We will then be using ancient methods of preparing and extracting the linen and the indigo and learning how to spin, weave and dye the cloth.

If you’d like to meet new people, spend time outside and learn new skills, come and join us!

The initial planting day is Saturday April 16th, however there are recurring open sessions are from 10am—12noon every Friday. These will continue through until late August with weeding, clearing, crop harvesting and flax processing activities.

Jan’s Conference Centre, Higher Audley Street, BB1 1DH Parking on site.

Contact uzma@superslowway.org.uk

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