Performance – Launching Art in Manufacturing residency with John Spencer fabrics and Queen Street Mill museum

Posted: 27th September 2019

“Treadle softly; tightening your warp, weaving our weft…binding her braids tightly.” Raisa Kabir, 19th Oct 12-4pm Queen Street Mill Burnley.

Image credit: Ashanti Harris

Raisa Kabir begins her residency¬†with a durational performance at Queen Street Mill. Cross referencing the connected emotional geographies of industrial space with the local and global histories of Pennine Lancashire’s textile and craft heritage. Her research during the residency will encounter the textile archive at Queen Street mill, as well as contemporary¬†industrial¬†textile production at John Spencer in Burnley. Raisa Kabir will work in collaboration with local residents during her residency to design and collate a new ‘woven’ archive. This archive will be formed from local personal narratives as well as historical contexts, to be accumulated into woven patterns to create a future Pattern Book of Lancashire.

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