Cloth Cultures: Season 3 – Ep 1

Amber Butchart is joined by artists Jeremy Hutchison, and Sunny Dolat of the Nest Collective. They discuss one of the major themes of the British Textile Biennial this year: textile waste imperialism. It’s a deep dive into how the trade in secondhand clothes from the Global North is mapped directly onto previous colonial routes and relationships, reproducing those same inequalities.

Cloth Cultures with Amber Butchart
Season 3 Episode 1

Welcome back to the Cloth Cultures podcast series. For season 3, Amber Butchart speaks to some of the artists and curators who are exhibiting at the British Textile Biennial throughout October this year, 2023. Tune in to hear discussions focussing on some of the most pressing issues facing the textile industries, and its history and legacy today, from textile waste imperialism to regenerative fashion, and even the links between the depiction of witchcraft and weaving.