Programme 2021

C.P. Library

Monday 10.00-19.00
Tuesday closed
Wednesday and Thursday 13.00-17.00
Friday 10.00-17.00
Saturday 10.00-14.00

In association with C.P. Company, the Westminster Menswear Archive presents an archive selection celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary with a display in Darwen Library.

A series of cabinets present a range of artefacts from across the decades from C.P. Company. These include early examples of the brands knitwear and outerwear with accompanying press books. Another cabinet explores the various technical accessories that were integral to the garments from the Urban Protection range from the late 1990s. Finally, there is a display of 12 issues of the iconic C.P. Company magazine that was first published in 1985 and pioneered a new approach to fashion marketing as it exclusively contained the brand’s seasonal promotion material presented as a men’s fashion magazine.

Alongside the exhibition there is also a selection of paintings by local artist Adil Amin who paints young Asian males wearing C.P. Company, as well as a series of images from the Portrait Youth project