Programme 2023

Ergon Theatre – Threads

Originally commissioned by The Lowry and created by one of the UKs leading climate theatre companies Ergon Theatre, ‘Threads’ is a gripping and poetic audio piece that immerses listeners in the fascinating journey of a simple t-shirt, from its creation to delivery. This captivating narrative unfolds through Charley, an everyday online shopper, and her AI shopping assistant, Wilfred.

The heart of the narrative lies in its vivid portrayal of the t-shirt’s journey. Listeners are transported through cotton fields in Texas, textile mills in Colombia, factories in Asia, and the catwalks of Milan, experiencing the challenges and environmental impacts faced by those involved in its production.

‘Threads’ raised thought-provoking questions about consumerism and sustainability and invited listeners to reflect on the ethical and ecological consequences of our choices, and consider the many hands our ‘things’ pass through.

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Online link to Threads: https://www.ergontheatre.co.uk/sound

Link to all of the locations: https://www.ergontheatre.co.uk/threads-exhibit

Written by Sam Black, Robin Lyons and Noé Sébert.
Performed by Catt Belcher, Sam Black, Robin Lyons and Noé Sébert.
Sound Design and Original Composition by Robin Lyons.

This project was co-commissioned with The Super Slow Way.