Programme 2023

Flashback Publication

In 2020 Uncultured Creatives ‘Flashback’ built a digital archive of ‘acid house’ activities manifesting in Blackburn and East Lancashire from 89-91.  The archive contains over seven hours of oral histories, exclusive photographs, flyers and ephemera, intended to function as a future archive of a working class phenomenon; in the model of the short films of Mitchell and Kenyon which created a time capsule of 1890’s Northern England.

Uncultured Creatives extended this research in collaboration with Rough Trade Books and designer Craig Oldham, through a publication that was released during BTB21. Inviting writers to respond to the Flashback archive, this publication also features an exclusive collaboration with design studio ‘Dorothy’ who produced a limited edition print mapping the location of Blackburn parties. Contributors include Adelle Stripe, Fergal Kinney, Jamie Holman, Alex Zawadzki, Anna Wood, Emma Warren and Bob Singh.