Programme 2023

The Woke Denim Project – Denim and Civil Rights

The Woke Denim project was a conscious photo series about the modern-day fight for civil rights, following the Black Lives Matter movement of 2020. The project drew focus on young people, a generation of activists who refuse to say yes to injustice but demand to be heard not just in towns and cities but on a global scale with the help of modern-day technology. Woke Denim explored the similarities between the boomers who led the 60’s civil rights movement and Gen Z who were the driving force behind Black Lives Matter in 2020, while still drawing focus to how symbolic Denim truly is to the cause.

Tiwirayi Ndoro is a Fashion photographer and Stylist, she was also the winner of the 2020 UCLan Fashion and Textiles award from Creative Lancashire. Tiwirayi’s work is very much an expression of her experience, being a Black British woman while still embracing her Zimbabwean heritage.