Workshops and Events

Artist A & Artist B: Talk and Q&A

Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Burnley BB10 4PJ

Saturday 14th October


Artist A & Artist B (Jackie Haynes and Heather Ross) will be discussing their project ‘The Surplus Badge’ at Towneley Hall during this year’s British Textile Biennial. They will discuss the development of the project and their approach to collaboration followed by a screening of the film ‘The Surplus Badge’.

Afterwards, audiences will be taken to their exhibition in the Dining Room at Towneley Hall.

Prior to and after the talk, Artist A & Artist B will be situated in amongst their installation as part of the artwork, and available to answer any questions and discuss the work further. Expect legs of all stripes and familiar faces!

The talk will take place from 2-3pm, including a screening of the work which is approximately 18 mins long.