Workshops and Events

Indigenitude – Opening Events

A series of free public drop in events taking place as part of the launch of the group show Indigenitude. There will be a film screening, artists talk and a live weaving demonstration!

These events will take place on Monday 16th October between 3.30-6.30pm

3.30pm – Weaving Demonstration
4.30pm – Artist Talk
5.30pm – Film Screening

Indigenitude and related events are sponsored by:

National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Taiwan, University of Essex, Shung Ye Museum and Ministry of Education, Taiwan.


Film screening & Q&A:

  • The Traditional Clothes of Raisinay Village, dir. Baunay Watan, 1998, 34’04”
  • Nii Nami trailer 2013, Tommaso Muzzi, 2013, 8’00”

The Traditional Clothes of Raisinay Village is the visual documentation of how Watan’s wife Yuma Taru began her lifelong Atayal weaving revitalisation project. Nii Nami trailer 2013 is how Muzzi summarised his wife Labay Eyong’s journey to explore her father’s tribe and her Indigenous identity after she finished MA in ephemeral architecture and temporary space design from UAB, Spain. Both of these films marked the starting points for the careers and collaboration between the textile artists and the filmmakers. They are also precious visual archives of them doing the archaeological fieldwork as artists.

Ramie revitalisation and Indigenous education.

  • Baunay Watan (Atayal culture on film)
  • Tommaso Muzzi (Truku culture on film)
  • Pilin Yapu (cultivating the Atayal Experimental Education curriculum)
  • Yuma Taru (ramie revitalisation and local epistemology)
  • Prof Wang, Mei-hsia (pan-Atayal weaving in historiography)


Artist Talk:

PR1 Gallery PR1 2HE

  • Yuma Taru (Lihang Studio)
  • Hana Keliw (A’tolan Weavers Studio)
  • Labay Eyong (Nii Nami Studio projects)