Programme 2023

Transform and Escape the Dogs

Transform and escape the Dogs is a series of works by artist Jamie Holman that was on display at the British Textile Biennial 2019, celebrating a history of radical gatherings where the working class youth of the north resisted, rejected, and finally reclaimed the spaces that cotton made and then abandoned. From Malkin tower to Mill Hill; a defiant history of witches, hand loom poets, blacksmith painters, football casuals, and pioneer film makers, challenging accepted notions of textiles heritage, and of those people and events that have shaped us.

These works propose a counter narrative of creativity, rebellion, and magic; exploring the real Industrial Revolution, a revolution of the soul that seeks to remind us: ‘when we gather, we become powerful. We cannot be kept down.



Dates: Fri 4th October – Sun 3rd November

Opening times:

From 4th – 20th Oct: Sat and Sun 12 – 8pm/Weds – Fri 4 – 8pm

From 23rd Oct: Weds to Sun 12 – 5pm

Venue: Church Street, Blackburn

Entry: Free, no need to book