Programme 2019

Alice Kettle -Thread Bearing Witness

Weds – Sun, 12 – 5pm

Entry to The Great Barn is FREE but entry charges to  Gawthorpe Hall apply.

Monumental textiles in the form of large-scale narrative embroideries and weavings such as the Bayeux Tapestry, have been used to illustrate contemporary events to become enduring material chronicles.

Shown in The Great Barn at Gawthorpe Hall, Alice Kettle’s Thread Bearing Witness is a major series of large textiles that considers cultural heritage, refugee displacement and movement, while engaging with individual migrants and their creativity within the wider context of the global refugee crisis.

Sea, Ground and Sky, the three works that form the immersive installation of Thread Bearing Witness, embrace both the personal testimonies of the refugees Kettle has met and textiles’ role, from the domestic to the spectacular, to encourage understanding in a chronicle of shared making. Alice worked with individual women and children refugees and asylum seekers, asking them to contribute to and inform these large artworks through the common language of stitch.