Programme 2023

Indigenitude – Curated by Vancci F.C Wahn

Curated by Vancci F.C. Wahn and featuring 3 textile artists and 4 documentary filmmakers from 3 different Indigenous nations in Taiwan, this exhibition of artworks and film explored Taiwanese indigenous participatory textile practices.

Indigenitude aimed to demonstrate how the ancient craft of collaborative textile weaving in communities that use homegrown fibres like ramie and banana fibre, mixed with chemically dyed materials, woollens and cotton to make durable colourful textiles, was transformed by colonialism, capitalism and globalisation during the 19th and 20th centuries. In todays society, this is now a source of creativity for contemporary Indigenous artists to embody their cultural values within new participatory artworks.

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Artists showing in ‘Indigenitude’:

Yuma Taru
Baunay Watan
Pilin Yapu
Hana Keliw
Futuru Tsai
Labay Eyong
Tommaso Muzzi

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