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Politics, Power & Production: The Global Impact of Denim – watch online

“Movements throughout history have been led by ordinary people and ordinary people have always worn denim.”

For BTB21 Creative Lancashire is collaborating with Amber Butchart to present a series of Conversations in Creativity talks to further explore the themes responded to by artists & makers contributing to the British Textile Biennial programme.

From the anti-war and civil rights movements of the 60s and 70s, to climate action and social justice today, denim clad people of all ages demanding change is a constant. Our expert panel considers denim’s role in grass-roots movements, counterculture, protest, and how citizens worldwide are impacted by the global story of denim production.

Conversations in Creativity is Creative Lancashire’s series of talks and insightful interviews, where creatives from across the disciplines explore how inspiration, often from around the world, informs process.

Banner Image: Erin Jones © studiojonesy.com